MJBdirect Ltd. is an internet company based at Alton in Hampshire. Whilst the company and has been trading since 2003 our staff have been successfully serving our business and retail customers for over 30 years.

We stock many Automotive and CCTV products that include Wiper Blades, Wiper Arms, Washer Motors, Washer Tubing, Washer Jets, In Line Connectors, Non-Return Valves, Filters, Ignition Prod...ucts and cooling items along with many more. We are the first choice for business customers in need of replacement CCTV Wipe and Wash parts. We buy in bulk and hold large quantities of stock.

Classic car parts such as Wiper Blades, Arms, Washer Spares and many other parts are kept in stock.

We supply a variety of parts and accessories on a B2B and B2C basis. Please feel free to browse our website to find out more about MJBdirect Ltd. and the products and service that we can offer www.mjbdirect.co.uk.

If you are a business customer and are interested in buying in bulk please contact to obtain a price.